Tools to help making buying a house easier.

Efficient data saves time

We know information is what helps connect people with what they want.

Buyers will benefit from our wealth of experience in building systems to help people have more information available when making decisions.

Created for buyers was created for buyers.

We were frustrated with the amount of time spent searching.

We couldn't understand why we had to keep giving the same information to different people repeatedly.

We couldn't understand why we as buyers knew more than market experts in some cases.

Matching service

By saving your relevant information on our website we will match your requirements to what is available.

This doesn't mean spamming you with countless emails.

We will also recommend alternatives to your preferences.

Appointment Manager

We are launching an appointment manager to help buyers and sellers create viewing slots.

We have a lot of exciting future functionality to really help you minimise the time you spend searching.

Automatically set up times when you are available to view houses.

The Market

This is a power view of the market allowing you to analyse the market and make comparisons. Understand more about availability and features.

See maps, tables, charts and export data.

Conventional searches too

We won't begrudge you making more conventional searches either.

See images of houses as on other standard property websites.

We are collecting more detailed statistics on selling houses to help you tailor your searches better.

Understand your activity

See statistics on how your progress has gone so far.

See maps on viewings undertaken.

Take control of your searches

Our plans are to ensure that your interaction with findigl isn't passive.

Repeatedly returning to the same location in the hope something that matches what you want isn't a goal of this site.

Match your viewings based upon availability.

See equivalent properties you hadn't considered.

Work in progress - beta

Remember, what you see on this site is work in progress. It is real working functionality but needs further work.

Feel free to contact us if you think there are further features we should (and shouldn't add).

We are adding a host of interesting features to ensure findigl is the property platform you need.