This site is a beta version of the site

We are close to launching an amazing connected property platform.

Beta means that there is work to be done. We have built powerful components that needs further hooking up.

A beta site normally means there is significant work to be undertaken. We don't think that is the case here because so much work has already been completed. We now expect to do the following main tasks:-

  • Test and enhance existing functionality

  • Create new components to connect up the main platform features better. A really important element is ensuring that seller's houses makes it onto our platform and is found by the right people.

  • Significantly improve the Market section - the area where we provide tables, graphs and statistics on the market. This is what we know will set us apart from our competitors.

  • Onboarding businesses onto our platform. We have started this site focusing on the buyer and seller first - why? Because these are real people with real problems to solve. We see ourselves as a service provider better facilitating an effective property market through collaboration. So we see ourselves providing services to Estate Agents, Solicitors, Building firms, Gardeners, Service providers but with the seller and buyer first

We need your input into the future direction of the findigl platform

Without your input we can't know what we are doing badly and what is being doing well. We have some very strong ideas on where we want this platform to go but without our users giving us advice and criticism we will plough ahead anyway.

When will all this be completed

We don't think these types of platforms are ever complete and, of course, if the property market was efficient and got people what they wanted then websites like ours wouldn't need to exist. We do expect most of the website to be completed by the close of March 2017. We then expect to enhance the services side of things from that point on.