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Don't sweat the small stuff

You save the information that would normally get stored in emails, letters and telephone numbers and we use that information to make the buying process simpler for you.

The Market is where your searching happens

Buying is where matching happens

Buying is where you manage your buying experience

Data is key

We believe data empowers decision making

It is clear that emotion drives decision making but being presented with the most relevant choices before making a decision is a safer way of getting somewhere close to what you were looking for.

We ask for you to provide us with a lot of relevant data

Our long term strategy is to reduce your need to keep checking, keep searching by providing you with the right information. It doesn't mean automated emailing of houses that may match your criteria to you.

We don't pass your data onto third parties

We definitely aggregate and undertake analytics that may help to feed back into the market and interested parties. There is no sense putting you on some prospective mailing list of somebody hoping to tell you something you don't want.

We will be refining what data we think we need from you

We haven't got the formula completely right – yet! Finding the balance between Too Much Information (TMI) and cutting down on complex processes that drains your time is definitely Work in Progress (WIP).

Appointment Manager

A key challenge when tying to find houses is trying to keep momentum up – seeing a lot of houses you think are actual contenders for you to buy. Some weekends, there may not be any houses in your preferred location at the price you want to pay. Other weekends you may be seeing houses in different locations constraining you to only seeing a few properties.

These are inefficiencies and are claimed to be a consequence of market forces. We see these inefficiencies being more of a function of logistics and capacity planning.