Tools to help making selling your home easier.

Take control of selling

Avoid locking yourself into complicated agreements that leaves you little room for manoeuvre.

You decide what content is written about your house.

You decide how the images are saved and given titles.

You can change the price, describe the quality of your house to ensure buyers have a more targeted information.

Save your house details

We are aiming to add powerful search mechanisms to really help your property reach the right people.

It is useful to have information about your house in place.

Add information on numbers of rooms and the dimensions to help buyers differentiate your house's appeal.

Save images and plans

You can upload photos of your house on our platform.

Add descriptions of each room.

Allow your house to be included with images in search results on our platform.

Appointment Manager

Say when you are available to show your house to buyers.

Automatically generate appointment windows.

Allow buyers to automatically match on your house's preference and attend appointments.

Cancel appointments.

Contextual statistics on your house

Understand how your property compares to others.

Understand whether changes to information has had an increase or decrease in activity.

See activity summaries on how your house sale is going.

Work in progress - beta

Remember, what you see on this site is work in progress. It is real working functionality but needs further work.

Feel free to contact us if you think there are further features we should (and shouldn't add).

We are adding a host of interesting features to ensure findigl is the property platform you need.